Information Technology (IT)


Diamond Trust consult on the following areas

Analysis of Computer Needs

  • Evaluating current systems
  • Examining plans for expansion
  • Optimisation of the potential use of computer systems in your operation
  • Identifying areas or procedures for automation which may or may not be appropriate

Software Selection

  • Selecting appropriate software to suit your needs
  • Evaluating Documentation
  • Ensuring that the package can adapt to your changing needs
  • Ease of use and proficiency
  • Ensuring widest possible use for the software package

Hardware Selection

  • Ensuring compatibility of computer systems and selected software
  • Evaluation of various systems in terms of performance, reliability, vendor support, maintenance, upgradability and cost
  • Advising on hardware maintenance
  • Identifying the most appropriate sources to purchase hardware


  • Identifying appropriate network systems for cost effective implementation and operation


  • Effective integration of the system with daily operations
  • Ensuring staff are properly trained
  • Testing of System

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