Diamond Trust have worked in recruitment since 2000 and own JobTrust which operates in the USA, UK and internationally.

Diamond Trust through the Job Trust offers a personalised job recruitment service, with complete integrity, quality, and professionalism, while utilising the latest computer technology to provide fast turnaround and value-for-money. The Job Trust is a Job Recruitment company, which is a hybrid of traditional, personal recruitment, and modern, On-line Internet recruitment.

The Diamond Trust Group logo appears on every JobTrust website, brochure and letterhead.

What does Diamond Trust’s Job Trust do?


The Job Trust offers Recruitment Services worldwide. The Job Trust utilises two methods to do this. Firstly, our highly qualified Recruitment Consultants carry out personal searches for the right candidates and place them into the right job. This is for positions with salaries above $25,000, called our Tier 1 Service. In order to find the right candidates, the Job Trust uses its local and international expertise and contacts to find the right person for the job and ensure the employer's and candidate's needs are mutually advantageous.

Secondly, for salaries below $25,000, our Tier 2 Service, the Job Trust uses the latest computer technology to produce our own automatic On-line Internet Exchange Solution, where candidates can input their high-quality CVs and employers, with a secure entry code can purchase these CVs for a highly competitive fee and contact the Candidates directly.

Our aim is to offer a personalised job recruitment service, with complete integrity, quality, and professionalism, while utilising the latest computer technology to provide fast turnaround and value-for-money.

What does Diamond Trust’s Job Trust have which is unique?


Diamond Trust’s Job Trust provides both employers and candidates certain unique benefits, which differentiates us from our competitors. These are as follows.

Tier 1 Premium Service, The Job Trust provides a premium service to both employers and candidates alike. The Job Trust offers a fast turnaround without sacrificing quality. Employers’ requirements are rigorously determined. Candidates requirements and aspirations are also clearly identified so that The Job Trust can more easily offer a realistic solution that does not waste time for anyone concerned. Employees work in vertical markets and have a deep understanding of each specialised field.

International Exposure, the management of The Job Trust has extensive experience in worldwide Developed Countries and Emerging Markets.

Technological Expertise, the management of The Job Trust have many years experience in the IT market, and so understand how the Internet can best be used in serving the needs of both employers and candidates.

Unique Tier 2 Low Fee Model for Internet Recruitment for salaries below $25,000. Here employers only pay a small fee per CV downloaded, instead of a percentage of salary.

Candidate Focus, The Job Trust will focus on the Candidate and their needs, as well as those of the Employer. We ensure that the Candidate is never pushed into a job, and that once placed, regular contact is maintained with the employer and candidate to promote constant communication and develop goodwill.

Services to the Employer


Presently, we provide two types of services to Employers, namely Tier 1 Personal Search Recruitment Services and Tier 2 On-line Internet Recruitment Services.

Tier 1: Personal Search Recruitment Services - Salaries above $25,000:

The Premium Service

Fast turnaround and value-for-money

Strong values of integrity, quality and professionalism

Rigorous determination of your requirements

Thorough candidate profile

Strict vetting of candidates

Leading edge technology in delivery of business

A strong understanding of the industries in which we operate

Industry expertise in Computing and Communications, Marketing, Hotels, Tourism, Retail, Medical, Finance and Banking, Executive Search.

In depth experience in business and international affairs

Expertise in dealing in developed countries and in emerging markets

Tier 2: On-Line Internet Recruitment Services - Salaries below $25,000

The Job Trust provides a cost-effective method for employers to recruit on-line by allowing them access to our quality database of candidates for salaries below $25,000. Instead of receiving many useless CVs the employer will be able to choose those which are of specific interest. This saves time and money since the employer will not need to spend time sifting through useless CVs, which do not meet requirements. Searching is very quick and can be defined to meet exacting criteria. Selected chosen curriculum vitae will be sent automatically to the employer.


Search our large quality database on-line

Receive the Curriculum Vitae the employer wants following your customised search

Save substantial costs on recruitment

Be a partner of a high quality on-line recruitment company