Presently, we provide two types of services to Employers, namely Tier 1 Personal Search Recruitment Services and Tier 2 On-line Internet Recruitment Services.

Tier 1: Personal Search Recruitment Services - Salaries above $25,000:

  • The Premium Service
  • Fast turnaround and value-for-money
  • Strong values of integrity, quality and professionalism
  • Rigorous determination of your requirements
  • Thorough candidate profile
  • Strict vetting of candidates
  • Leading edge technology in delivery of business
  • A strong understanding of the industries in which we operate
  • Industry expertise in Computing and Communications, Marketing, Hotels, Tourism, Retail, Medical, Finance and Banking, Executive Search.
  • In depth experience in business and international affairs
  • Expertise in dealing in developed countries and in emerging markets

Tier 2: On-Line Internet Recruitment Services - Salaries below $25,000

The Job Trust provides a cost-effective method for employers to recruit on-line by allowing them access to our quality database of candidates for salaries below $25,000. Instead of receiving many useless CVs the employer will be able to choose those which are of specific interest. This saves time and money since the employer will not need to spend time sifting through useless CVs, which do not meet requirements. Searching is very quick and can be defined to meet exacting criteria. Selected chosen curriculum vitae will be sent automatically to the employer.


  • Search our large quality database on-line
  • Receive the Curriculum Vitae the employer wants following your customised search
  • Save substantial costs on recruitment
  • Be a partner of a high quality on-line recruitment company